Forsaken Ancestral Blood

by Agrinex

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released February 27, 2016

Line-up Chronus - Vocals, War Horn
Ingenium - Lead Guitar, Bass
Herba - Rhythm Guitar, Bass
Naiad - Drums, Harp
All songs written by Agrinex 'A Storm of Sorrow' written by Naiad
Recorded at 'Neighbors Are Pist Recording Studio' Mixed & Mastered at 'Naiad's
Domain'Des Moines, Iowa
Artwork by Elena "Nightstorm" Vasilaki



all rights reserved


Agrinex Des Moines, Iowa

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Track Name: Failures of Infinity
All of humanity is suffering.
Rapture is just a lie.
Idiots gather mumbling
Claiming language of divine
None of them shall ascend

In your suffering you question existence
Invoking ancient spirits
Blindly guiding you to betray you

You spit in the face of honesty
Dared to label others of heresy
To hide your divine treachery
Now burn for all eternity
Failures of infiniti

Your last idol has begun to fall
Spewing words of wisdom
In an ancient dead tongue
Your former God is now dead

Statues of broken idols
Now glorified dust
Dancing in the wind
Never to be praised again

Millions of sheep slaughtered
Sacrificed to open the gates
Heathens and the wreched
Wading in the blood of the final flood

Failures of infiniti
Hide in your lies
For you are all about to die
Take cover in your skin
For it is cloaked in sin

Failures of infiniti
Parade of brutality
Maniac self mutilation
Sadistic cult flagellation
Bleed out the lies

Feel the lash of twenty whips
Watch it mangle flesh to bone
Streets now littered with your pious blood and skin
Let judgment begin

Suffer cult of liars
Avoid fire torment
Continue self punishment
Hypocrites Hells enslaved
Failures of infiniti
Track Name: The serpent
In a world of terror and pain.
This realm is mine to claim.
I ascend over the dead and maimed.
To take the crown of deaths domain……….

I am the serpent.
Cast from Hell.
To deliver world demise..
Beast of Hell.
Sent to torment then rise…………….

On a mound of flesh and bone.
I assembled my throne.
To release evil unknown……………

I am the serpent.
Defiler of innocence.
Destroyer of the right.
Your fear of shadows.
As you walk at night.

I am the serpent
Keeper of all that kills...
The reason you whimper and cry.
I can take away your pain.
Cast you into flames.
Influence your brain.
To act vile and depraved.

Who dares to speak?
Your all to meek!
Who is ready to die?
Come and face me!

Ravernous bastards of the Cloth.
Fathers of unholy sin.
Preaching their own damnation.
To an unknowing congragation.

I am the serpent
Here to poison sins of man.
Created by your god.
Endorsed by Satan.

Here to torture, and make the bastards suffer.
No sin will turn me back.
I am the figure in the shadows.
The chill on your spine.
The sound you think you hear.
That dark image that follows your eyes.
In solitude in your minds
I shall live forever.
Track Name: Cunt Fog
Black wing succubus
Legs spread open impatiently awaiting for your sin

Your disease is of flesh and sleaze
Lunacy brought on by things that please

A full release of heresy
Shrouded in Cunt Fog

Temptious demon thighs
You can't control your loins
Struggling in despair
This cunt will be your doom
Track Name: Immortal Throne
Open the gates
Admit me to the halls of eternity…
Hide me from this world, or it I will destroy…
Demonic possession at birth, this world I’ll rein..
Entrancing words I shall speak. Covering the world in war…

Darken clouds moving in on the horizon.
Marking the day I take my immortal throne.
Clouds will forever remain, imprisoning your world.
Life sentence to the world.
You and your desendence. Will forever live in pain.
Never ending mental torment. Creating false perceptions of Gods…..

Freedom to be granted to those who will listen.
My tomes will act as the divine vice.
Crushing your God infested body….Freeing your soul.
Now open the gates…let me claim my immortal throne.
Track Name: March of the chaos horde
Hordes of chaos march
No prisoners they shall take
Realm of the Christ God
Burned and swept away

Endless Battle
No Survivors
Mighty horde of chaos
Hells chosen
Destroy the cross
Track Name: Blinded Vengeance
Blinded vengeance
The final war of apocalyptic hate.
of the fallen angles you despise.
Internal furry rages on.
Until all your corpses are covered with flies.
Iron birds of war decorate the heavens.
The only sun a glimmer of light.

Blinded vengeance
Your holly place destroyed.
No help from your God.
I will destroy your paradise.

Ammunition, heat rain.
your harems burn.
while whores decay.

I am the conqueror new master of your world.
Keeper of the seven keys.
I will never be over thrown.

Cast me into the abyss I shall return.
I am the forgotten evil one.
My earthly body reined earth.
A millennia before humanity.
I shall reclaim my throne.
Track Name: Forsaken Ancestral Blood
Forsaken Ancestral Blood
Hide in the words of fiction. Your soul is turning black.
Humble and meek leaving your body weak.
never fighting back.
You call this existence? Stories making men cowards.
Forsaking ancestral blood.
Words of fiction claiming weak souls.
Words of fiction Do what your told......

I opened the gates of Hell. Incantations I read aloud.
Nothing reverses the spell. Humanities’ doomed..
Meet me on the plains of armegia.
Bring your strongest weapons and fastest steed.
We shall forever clash in immortal combat.
On angel meat we will forever feed..........

Deceased rotting carcasses open burial mound.
Countless flies swarming eating blue skin.
Survivors praising a blind and violent God.
The truth to be found in death..

Sheppard’s of sheep embrace the infection.
Feel the chill of your soul now eaten.
Preach the lies of the false prophet.
As you vomit your soul you awaken my brothers.
Goats dressed as sheep we invade your flocks.
we are not of your cloth .

Fallen angels, the dark lord we serve.
Our incantations have been spoken.
We now walk this earth.....
Infecting by soul possession.
Unaffected by the symbols of religions.
No spell can turn us back.
Gates now open the world will die.
From your words of fiction.............